For Us Nerds 2017 Gift Guide

Christmas is coming.

There’s not much time left, and you might be slowly running out of ideas. Here’s some suggestions to help ease the pain.


The first recommendation for this year’s Gift Guide is Ernest Cline’s novel, Ready Player One. It’s a dystopian science-fiction that’s filled to the brim with pop-culture references that will make any nerd flip out. Imagine if Dungeons and Dragons, the Matrix, Tron and Willy Wonka had a baby and you wouldn’t be far off.

Plus, it’ll soon be coming to cinemas, so it’s good to read the source material before that happens.



I like items that are useful to anyone, regardless of how tech-savvy they are. You can find some excellent little gadgets online that are well under £100, and some of them might save you a lot of time and frustration in the future.

My pick for the tech item of the year would have to be the Google Home Mini. The smart speaker is £49 and, using Google Assistant, provides what is probably the best example of AI currently available for these types of devices.

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2017 has brought out some absolute gems for both film and television. I wouldn’t recommend getting boxsets, however, as they’re most likely available online. I would always recommend Blu-ray; most people have a device capable of playing them and the quality is far superior.

For this, I would recommend Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver. By far one of my favourite films of the year, its fantastic cinematography, soundtrack and style is bound to impress.

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If you’re not already arguing after Christmas dinner and booze over Brexit and what film to put on, then this musical gift of choice (I’d recommend buying both) will definitely tear the family apart. Sounds unpleasant, but at least you’ll have some bangers playing in the background.

A double bill of Gallagher albums came out this year. First from Liam and then from Noel, As You Were and Who Built the Moon? are two distinctly different, but brilliant, pieces of music from the ex-Oasis brothers.

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Last, but not least, I’d encourage throwing out that age-old, blood-stained Monopoly board this Christmas and take a dive into the human anatomy with Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park the Game. Based on the ‘Anatomy Park’ episode of the show, this game for 2-4 players will provide something a little different for the post-dinner activity. It’s straightforward, funny and quick to play.

For fans, it’s almost certainly a must-have.

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anatomy park.jpg

Keep in mind: the links I have provided aren’t necessarily the cheapest places to purchase these gifts, but let’s be honest, Amazon is convenient. If you find them cheaper from another supplier, go for it!