SpaceX’s Blooper Reel Shows us Rocket Science Really is Hard

Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO and real-life Tony Stark, recently teased this on his Twitter page:

Well, now it’s available to watch on YouTube and it does not disappoint. The two-minute video shows us SpaceX’s failed attempts at landing its Orbital Rocket Boosters on several occasions. Sometimes it was down to low amounts of liquid oxygen, sometimes it was the landing leg collapsing and tipping over the rocket.

In any case, it just goes to show that the saying is true: rocket science is hard. Even if you’re Elon Musk.

Part of SpaceX’s mission is to create reliable, reusable rockets that can be sent into orbit and brought back down again, slashing the costs of having to build new rocket boosters every time you take a trip to space. They’ve managed to perfect their landings and this year made history when they successfully sent to space, and brought back, a reused rocket.

Just last week, Musk showed his Instagram follows the first look at the spacesuit currently being developed at SpaceX for its manned missions.

SpaceX hopes to make humans a multi-planetary species, by eventually sending humans on a missions to Mars.